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For radiant expansion in life and life’s work

My books are seeds for life that connect you to your essential story of life. Most titles are self-published with publication rights available. Contact Dawn for access to a special Agents & Publisher's page or to discuss representation, media opportunities, workshops or special events.

Awakening the World Within

Book 1 of 3 from the Cultivating Essence Series. Cultivate you so you can water the world with the fullest expression of who you are. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


All Systems Go

Fine-tune your life with 24 LIFE ("soular") Systems for life thriving. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Birds of a Feather

33 Essential Qualities for Thriving in the years ahead and soul activations paired with photographs of birds. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE • JOURNEY WITH ME


A Reconciliation of Light

Photographs of light from the Soul of Ireland collection and journey of awakening. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Energetic Perspectives

A Soul Essence Art {SEA} Symbol Coloring Book with soul activations. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Journey to the Heartland

Chronicle of a life unfolding and toward a future yet unknown. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Journey to Sacred Wholeness

A memoir of healing and faith. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


True Identity

12 photos from nature and soul activations for the radical reclamation of who you are. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE • JOURNEY WITH ME


Seeds for Life

An introduction to Lifeseeds, a core curriculum to come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression. Includes 90 Days to Life in convenient format. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Sacred Partnership

7 pillars for the radical redefinition of relationship from conversations with Jesus. DOWNLOAD • JOURNEY WITH ME


From the Heart of a Child

Meditations for everyday living. Verses from the Bible paired with anecdotes gleaned from parenting. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE


Testament (Poems)

A Half-Life in Poems: 12 Books of Love and a Single Story. DOWNLOAD • SAMPLE

The Story of Life by Dawn Richerson

The Story of Life

For the healing of humanity. This is the story of us, of our collective (and individual) journeys and our Great Return. DOWNLOADAMAZON • SAMPLE

12 Doors of Abundance by Dawn Richerson

12 Doors of Abundance

Deep in the heart of Avalon, by waters deep and wide, we pass through twelve doors to life and the life more abundant. Includes 12 soul activations with images from UK's Dorset Coast near the Durdle Door. DOWNLOAD • AMAZON • SAMPLE

Dawn is inspired by nature, everyday miracles, and the grace that rises up to meet us on the way. Her books from the soul for the soul are a celebration of life and life to the full. 

Dawn is an author, artist and LIFE Path journey guide. She is the creator of Lifeseeds, a core curriculum to come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression. Learn more:

This afternoon, I sat down to read Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul (now Seeds for Life collection). I am deeply moved. I cannot easily put into words what I am taking from this experience. I am so grateful to have connected to this message. Thank you for sharing these words and this "message in a bottle" for the world!

Journey to the Heartland is one book I will read more than once. This spiritual memoir on "life and the desire for it" is full of surprising insights and truly thought-provoking passages, such as this one:

“We are the dreamer, and the dream being brought to life as we lean in and listen to the stirring of our hearts.”

With true authenticity and raw vulnerability, Dawn shares her journey to sacred wholeness from a painful place of separation and dissociation. She shares the wonder and beauty of her journey alongside scenes that vividly capture the intensity, chaos and confusion of her experience. This book is a treasure of faith, trust and determination.


Vision of the 3 Horses & the Passage to a New Society