Life Journeys

Come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression

Life Path journeys and experiences include lifetime access and tools and resources to support radiant expansion in life and life's work.

90 Days to Life

90 ways to come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression in the next 90 days. Make the journey of a soul with daily reconnection to your essential self, journey and truth for radiant expansion in life and life's work.

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The Story of Life

We must face the story we have lived if we are to have any hope for the healing of humanity. Then we must begin again. Live now into a new story. 

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True Identity

Release 12 lies and reclaim your true identity. Includes book download, 12-day photo journey plus creative life tools and resources.

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Birds of a Feather

Cultivate these 33 essential qualities to navigate change and thrive in the years ahead. 33-day journey with daily video, audio and life tools.

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Sacred Partnership

Connect to 7 pillars for sacred partnership. A whole new way forward and the radical redefinition of relationship.

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Craft Your Credo

Craft a soul-inspired statement of who you are and who you have come to be. Experience greater passion and fulfillment with a Credo. 

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Circles in the Sand

A 7-day Soul Streams Sampler with elements of story, poetry, art and photography with journaling prompts. Reconnect to your essential story of life.

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The Way Ahead

This 7-day Soul Streams Sampler was inspired by Thomas Merton’s beloved prayer. We explore the way ahead through 7 daily invitations.

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