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Enjoy the free downloads and free video series for individual and collective life thriving on this page. You'll also find links to books and life tools to support you on your soul's journey for radiant expansion from within.

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Books from the soul for the soul for radiant expansion in life and work.

Tools + Systems

Tools + Systems to fine-tune your life and reconnect to #whatmattersmost

Events + Experiences

Recreation Circles, Live Events and Your Essential Day with Dawn.

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Get Monthly Soul Stories + Ideas for Life Thriving. Early Access. Exclusive Savings.

Free Resource + Video Series: Life Collective

What's going on in the world? Why are things breaking down like crazy? Where are we headed? What are we bringing in? How and why does that matter for me? Click image to access free resources.

FREE Mini Book + Video Series
Walking in the Way of Wholeness

FREE Digital Magazine + Video Series
12 Diamond Dimensions

FREE Resources + Video Series: Life Thriving

Who am I and why am I here? How can I get traction and create a better life? Where do I start? How can I prepare to share my gifts in the years ahead? Click the play button to go to the free video series or subscribe for emails.


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